Industry Advisory Panel discusses de-risking investment in renewable energy

On Thursday 14 September 2017, in partnership with WindEurope, the Energy Charter Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) conducted its 40th meeting at the Energy Charter Secretariat in Brussels. The meeting was attended by a large number of members and energy experts. 

Mr. Howard Chase, Chairman of the IAP, opened the session reviewing the earlier meetings of the year and restating the purpose of the Panel as strengthening the interaction between the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) constituency and the industry with a special focus on the effective implementation of the ECT.

The opening remarks were brought by Mr. Giles Dickson, Chief Executive Officer, WindEurope, by giving a short introduction about association and global overview of the wind power across Europe followed by remarks from Energy Charter Secretary General Dr. Urban Rusnák.

The IAP welcomed new members, WindEurope and Vychodoslovenska Energetika Holding.

The Panel discussed particularly investment and investment protection and dispute resolution in renewable energy sector. The first session addressed the goal of ensuring viable business models and revenue streams in the wind energy sector. The second session discussed on potential modernisation of standards of investment protection under the Energy Charter Treaty and its impact on the renewable energy sector. In this presentation it was discussed about the factors influencing investment decision making, the requirement for investment protection and the dispute resolutions in the energy sector. The last session discussed the prevention and amicable dispute resolution in the energy sector. This session was distributed into three specific areas, dispute avoidance and resolution in the energy sector; conflict management and stakeholders’ engagement; and how renewable installations may benefit from conciliation procedures.