Chairmanship of Turkmenistan at the Energy Charter Conference will serve to development of long-term interaction models

Chairmanship of Turkmenistan at the Energy Charter Conference in 2017 will contribute to the development of effective long-term models for international cooperation in the energy sector, based on a balance of interests of all parties involved, said President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov at today's Cabinet meeting.        

Turkmenistan was unanimously elected Chairman of the Energy Charter Conference for 2017, at a meeting of the Conference held in Tokyo on 25-26 November last year.        

The concept of Turkmenistan's chairmanship at the Energy Charter Conference focuses on the expansion of geography and multi-variant energy flows, their reliability and security of the international transit of energy on an equal and fair basis.        

The areas of the Concept include energy efficiency and conservation, introduction of innovative technologies, the environmental aspect and the use of renewable sources of energy, principles of economic and commercial viability of investments in the energy sector, their protection and efficiency. 

Key topics, findings and recommendations concerning international cooperation on sustainable energy will be summarized and presented in the final document of the 28th session of the Energy Charter Conference.        

Along with this, a program of international events will be held in Ashgabad, Brussels, New York, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tehran. The Belgian capital will host ten internal organizational meetings of the Energy Charter Secretariat.        

The program provides for media forums, conferences, meetings with representatives of the media and special training seminars in Turkmenistan and abroad.        

Subject materials, information from events held in Ashgabat and other cities of the world on international energy is planned to be published on a special website.        

Turkmenistan actively cooperates with major international organizations, including the Energy Charter, and is the venue for multilateral meetings and forums. In December 2014, the Turkmen capital in conjunction with this specialized structure organized the Ashgabat Forum “Reliable and stable transit of energy resources”, as well as in accordance with the resolutions adopted at the 67th session of the UN General Assembly held the first international meeting of experts on the subject. In the course of this interaction, specialized experts meetings were held in 2015 in Brussels and Beijing, and in 2016 - in Tirana.       

In 2007, at the 62nd session of the UN General Assembly, the President of Turkmenistan put forward the proposal for the establishment of an international legal mechanism to ensure energy security. Special resolutions on reliable and stable transit of energy resources to global markets were adopted by UN in 2008 and 2013, which set out the basic principles and approaches to cooperation in this sphere.