28th  Energy Charter Conference

As it is known, President of Turkmenistan has put forward the initiative on creation of a new international legal instrument to ensure the energy security during the 62nd session of United Nations General Assembly.

In this regard, in 2008 and 2013 UN has adopted special resolutions on reliable and stable transit of energy resources to the world market.

Main principles and approaches to develop international cooperation in the energy sphere are described in this documents.

With the purpose to implement these principles, nowadays wide international dialogue has been established based on the initiative of the President of Turkmenistan.

Heads, specialists of energy departments, as well as politicians, diplomats and lawyers of a number of countries participating to the dialogue study energy security issues as a whole complex thoroughly.

In this connection, with the support of the President of Turkmenistan, from 2009 till now cooperating with authoritative international organizations, in our neutral state the multilateral talks and conferences are being conducted aimed at the implementation of international documents adopted in the sphere energy security.

Bu halkara guramalarynyň arasynda energetika hyzmatdaşlygy bilen gös-göni meşgullanýan ýöriteleşdirilen gurama bolan Energetika Hartiýasy bilen ýola goýlan gatnaşyklarymyzy aýratyn bellemek isleýärin.

Among these international organisations, the specialized organisation which directly deals with energy security issues – Energy Charter, as well as relations established between our country and this organization should be especially emphasized.

As it is known, in December 2014 in the capital city of our country – Ashgabat the Ashgabat forum in cooperation with the Energy Charter named “Reliable and stable transit of energy” was held.

Also, according with the resolution adopted during the 67th session of UN General Assembly, the First International experts meeting on the reliable and stable transit of energy was held.

By the support of the Energy Charter, in April 2015 in Brussels, in November of the same year in Beijing and in July 2016 in the capital of Albania – Tirana experts meetings on the reliable and stable transit of energy were held as the continuation of this cooperation.

During the session of the Energy Charter Conference held on November 25-26, 2016 in Tokyo, all member-states have elected our country as the Chair country of the Energy Charter Conference for the 2017 unanimously.

Turkmenistan’s election as the chair country of this organization clearly confirms the world society’s support of the ideas and international initiatives on the stable energy resources put forward by the President of Turkmenistan, as well as their successful implementation.

During the presidency of Turkmenistan at the Conference of the Energy Charter in 2017 a number of international events are considered to be held in Turkmenistan, as well as in other foreign countries.One of them is 28th session of the Energy Charter Conference to be held in November 2017, which plays a special role.